Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are the sign used in the exterior and be visible from a distance, with good waterproof and weatherproof, have good display effect and long life time outside, widely used for most exterior commercial businesses. They are a great way to promote your business, advertising, provide information, and direct visitors.

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About Outdoor Signs

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs play a crucial role in the business landscape, serving as silent yet impactful ambassadors for brands and companies. These signs are often the first interaction a potential customer has with a business, making them essential in creating a strong and lasting first impression.

The absence of outdoor signs can significantly impact a business's ability to attract and retain customers. In a visually driven consumer culture, an unmarked business is often an overlooked one. Outdoor signage is a fundamental aspect of physical marketing strategies, crucial for maintaining competitiveness in the market.

Moreover, outdoor signs are often a business’s most cost-effective form of advertising. Unlike other marketing mediums that require ongoing expenditure, a one-time investment in a durable, well-designed sign continues to work for the business day and night, all year round.

In many cases, outdoor signs are also a regulatory requirement, especially for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and other public service establishments. These signs may provide essential information like operating hours, health and safety notices, and accessibility features.

  • Many cities and landlords have requirements for signs, such as installation, construction of business signs for safety, sign size, signs type, brightness, color temperature of LED, etc. Before you decide to order custom signs, please be sure to understand clearly to avoid unnecessary loss.
  • Outdoor signage needs to be weather-resistant, waterproof, and made from materials suitable for outdoor environments. Therefore, if your sign needs to be used in a marine environment, areas with frequent heavy rains, areas with extreme high/low temperatures, or areas with strong ultraviolet rays, please inform us in advance to avoid the sign being unable to be used. in your area.
  • If you plan to use LED signs, it is recommended to set up a weak current box with cooling holes within 5 meters (about 16 feet 4 inches) of the installation position of the sign to place the AC transformer. If the distance is too far, the DC line loss will be too high, which will affect the service life of the LED and the brightness of the signage. The AC transformer will generate heat when it is working, if it cannot dissipate heat in time, it will seriously affect the service life of the AC transformer.


Brand Identity and Visibility
Outdoor signs are pivotal in establishing and reinforcing a company's brand identity. They provide a visual representation of the brand, featuring logos, colors, and styles that are synonymous with the business. These signs increase brand visibility, ensuring that a business stands out in its physical location, be it a bustling city center or a quiet suburban area.
Attracting Customers
One of the primary functions of outdoor signs is to attract customers. Well-designed signs can catch the eye of passersby, drawing them into the business. They are particularly effective in high-traffic areas, where a captivating sign can distinguish a business from its competitors.
Directional and Wayfinding Information
Outdoor signs also serve a practical purpose by providing directional and wayfinding information. They guide customers to a business's location, which is especially important for new or off-the-beaten-path establishments. This functionality improves the customer experience by making businesses easily accessible.
Advertising and Promotions
Outdoor signs are powerful tools for advertising and promotions. Businesses use them to showcase special offers, promotions, new product launches, and events. This constant exposure can lead to increased foot traffic and sales.


  • UL listed
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • TUV


Outdoor signs are often installed using these methods:

Hanging Installation
Use stainless steel rope, stainless steel chain or stainless steel tube to hang from the ceiling or the bracket.
Raceway Installation
Raceway is a track of metal tubing that carries and hides wires and cables on the surface of a wall. The signage will be installed on it first, and then the whole thing will be installed on the wall. Raceway installation can reduce the holes that need to drill on the backing wall, easy installation and maintenance.
Wall Mounted Installation
Signs are installed on the backing wall directly, using stud bolts by default.
  • Except for large signs and signs that require professional equipment such as scissor lift to complete the installation, the installation of signs in most cases is relatively simple. But we still recommend that you hire a professional sign installer to install, only in this way can ensure that the sign is installed safely and correctly, and ensure the display effect of the sign.
  • If you can't find a suitable sign installer locally, please tell us the sign installation address, and we can help you to contact our partners near you. At present, we can provide such services to the vast majority of customers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other regions.


Generally speaking, the height of a letter has a certain proportional relationship with its viewing distance, that is, the viewing distance of a letter is usually 100 to 120 times the height of the letter. For example, if you want your sign to be visible from 100 feet away, the letters need to be at least 10 inches high, or if you want your signage to be visible from 100 meters away, the letters need to be about 100 mm high.


The maintenance of outdoor signs is very simple. Just wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in clean water. After wiping, it is best to dry it with a dry soft cloth. Never use liquids containing organic cleaning fluids or scratch with hard objects as this can cause surface damage to the sign.


Working temperature
-30 ~ +70℃ (-22 ~ 158℉)
IP rating
  • In three years, if it is not the man-included damage, we will send you the damage part.
  • If you choose the lighted signs with LED inside, after 2 years, because of the half-life, the LED lighting would be weaker. In order to keep the effect of the signs, we suggest changing the LED lights when you feel the brightness could not reach your requirement.

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Custom Outdoor Signs

Custom outdoor signs are specialized signage solutions crafted to meet the unique branding and promotional needs of businesses. Unlike standard signage, these signs are personalized in every aspect, from design to material choice, ensuring they perfectly embody the business’s identity and message. Custom outdoor signs are versatile in their application, ranging from eye-catching storefront displays to distinctive wayfinding systems. They allow for creative freedom, enabling businesses to project their brand precisely as intended. Whether it’s for a chic boutique, a cozy café, or a corporate office, custom outdoor signs can be designed to reflect the ethos and aesthetic of any business, making them an essential tool for effective branding and customer engagement.

The impact of custom outdoor signs lies in their ability to catch the eye and engage potential customers. By incorporating a business’s unique logo, colors, and design elements, these signs create a cohesive and immersive branding experience. The flexibility of custom signs is evident in the variety of styles and materials available, this adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of business types and locations. Furthermore, advancements in technology and materials have expanded the possibilities for custom outdoor signs, allowing for innovative features like energy-efficient LED lighting and durable, weather-resistant finishes. Custom outdoor signs not only elevate a business’s storefront but also enhance its visibility and presence in a competitive marketplace.

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Outdoor Signs Models

The following types of signs can be made as Outdoor Signs

Channel Letters

The letters of channel letters are separated, with a metal or acrylic 3D letter shell which is called a channel, LEDs are installed inside the signs shell, with strong 3D effect, good lighted up effect. It is known for providing extensive customization, the front surface, return and back panel of the letters all can be illuminated, with various display effects, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Channel Letters

Light Box Signs

The light box signs are a one-piece, with a metal or acrylic backing box, LEDs inside as a light source to display the content on the surface of the backing box, which can be letters, logo or graphics, can be single-sided or double-sided, especially suitable for such case that small letters or the strokes are too thin to make the letters be channel letters but must be illuminated signs. Good display effect, high brightness, suitable for indoor and outdoor.

More Details

Light Box Signs

LED Neon Signs

The letters of LED neon lights are separated, they are modern alternatives to traditional neon lights, LEDs inside 3D metal letter shell as light sources and use CNC engraved acrylic to simulate the appearance of glass tubes to replace traditional neon glass tubes that full with inert gas. LED neon lights are neon style LED light signage, they are morden, safe, energy-efficient, brilliant, have a long service life, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

More Details

LED Neon Signs

Marquee Letters

The letters of the marquee letters are separated, which is a kind of open face channel letters, the most typical features are the exposed light source and open face channel. Most of the current marquee letters use LED as the light source, and using PVC balls to simulate light bulbs or adding channels outside LED neon signs to make the marquee LED neon signs. Marquee letters have a beautiful display effect, attracting eyeballs, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

More Details

Marquee Letters

Non-illuminated Metal Signs

Non-illuminated metal signs are one of the most common signs, usually made of aluminum, stainless steel or brass etc. the most significant advantage is the long service life. We use stainless steel to produce non-illuminated metal signs by default, and can add plating layers of different materials on the stainless steel surface through the plating process to obtain different display effects, such as gold signs, or using the antique process to make the metal signs look old-fashioned. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

More Details

Non-illuminated Metal Signs

Braille Signs

Braille signs are a tactile writing system used by people who are visually impaired. They consist of raised dots, which be called grade 2 braille, arranged in cells of up to six dots in a 3×2 configuration. Each cell represents a letter, numeral, or punctuation mark. These signs are often found in public spaces like elevators, room numbers, and restrooms, enabling visually impaired individuals to navigate and access information independently. Braille is a critical tool for accessibility and inclusivity.

More Details

Braille Signs

Outdoor Metal Signs

Outdoor metal signs are a popular choice for businesses seeking a durable, long-lasting, and professional signage solution. Made from materials such as aluminum, steel, or brass, these signs are designed to withstand the elements, resisting corrosion and fading even in harsh weather conditions. Their robust construction ensures longevity, making them a cost-effective option for both temporary and permanent outdoor signage needs. Metal signs offer a sleek and modern appearance, which can be customized through various finishes like brushed, polished, or painted surfaces. They are ideal for corporate signage, directional signs, informational plaques, and more. The strength and versatility of metal signs make them suitable for a wide range of applications, from elegant office building directories to striking storefront signs, embodying a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The versatility of outdoor metal signs lies in their ability to be customized to suit any business’s branding requirements. They can be cut into various shapes and sizes and can feature intricate designs, logos, and lettering through laser cutting, engraving, or embossing techniques. This level of customization allows businesses to create unique signage that stands out and reinforces their brand identity. Additionally, outdoor metal signs can be combined with other materials like acrylic or wood for a multi-dimensional effect, or they can be illuminated for increased visibility and impact. Their professional and sophisticated look makes them a favored choice for businesses in industries ranging from legal and financial services to hospitality and retail. By choosing outdoor metal signs, businesses invest in a signage solution that not only enhances their visibility but also conveys a sense of quality and permanence.

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  1. Please tell us your needs as detailed as possible, including but not limited to the type of signs you need, sample case image, vector design file, photos of the installation location of the sign, etc. This will help us understand your requestments and know which type of sign and which installation method is right for you. Our sales staff will respond to your message within one business day.

  2. The quotation will include the freight, and it is valid for 30 days. Duties are charged by your local customs and we cannot know in advance, so they will not be listed in the quotation. We will also provide you with mock-up images for free if you need them. And if you need more detailed 3D rendering images, you will be asked to pay for it.

  3. We default to use PayPal for receiving payment, and we will charge you the full fee as required by PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy. Please note that if your payment does not comply with the Seller Protection Policy, your payment will be refunded, but the PayPal transfer fee will be deducted. Once we receive the money, we will start a detailed design process.

  4. During this process, you can adjust the logo details as needed. After we complete the detailed design, we will send you your detailed design drawings for your confirmation. And after your confirmation, we will start production.

  5. If the quantity of signs is big or plating processes, chemical corrosion processes need to be used, the production time will increase. If you need to get progress photos, please feel free to contact our salesperson.

  6. If it is an illuminated sign, we will use a 24-hour keep lighting test to check the quality. After receiving your confirmation of the final signage, we will notify the express company, DHL by default, to pick up your signage.

  7. After DHL pickup, we will let you know as soon as we know the waybill number so you can track it online.

  8. It is recommended that you hire a local professional sign installer for installation. We will provide installation instructions and wiring diagrams to help your installers complete the installation quickly and correctly. If you can’t find an installer, we have partners in many locations and we can help you find one.

  9. For non-human-damaged signs, we will re-produce the damaged part for you and ship it to you for free. If you have any questions about the use of the sign, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs represent a cutting-edge solution in business signage, utilizing the latest in lighting technology to deliver vibrant, eye-catching displays. These signs are using LEDs as the light sources and offer brilliant illumination while being energy-efficient and long-lasting. The primary advantage of LED signs is their high visibility; they are clearly readable even under direct sunlight and are particularly striking in low-light conditions, making them ideal for attracting attention both day and night. Outdoor LED signs are versatile in their application, from modern LED signs to retro-style LED neon signs, marquee letters. With its safety and energy saving, high brightness, good display effect and unparalleled cost-effectiveness ratio, it becomes a powerful tool to attract potential customers and effectively convey promotional content or important information.

One of the key strengths of outdoor LED signs is their high level of customization. One of the main advantages of outdoor LED signage is its high level of customization. They can be used to display a variety of content, including text, numbers and graphics, allowing businesses to tailor messaging to specific audiences and occasions. Whether it’s a storefront sign for a small boutique or a large letter on top of a large commercial building, outdoor LED signage offers a modern and effective way to increase visibility for your business. Their durability and low maintenance requirements also make them a practical and cost-effective signage solution in the long run.

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  • We are a sign manufacturer in China.

  • By default, we use DHL for transportation, and we can also use express companies such as UPS and FEDEX. These express companies can transport goods to many places of the world.

  • If your local or the lord has some specific requirements for the signage, please send these specific requirements to us. Our signage products have UL certification.

  • Under normal circumstances, excluding the necessary communication time, the approximate timeline is as follows:

    • Detailed design: 1-3 working days
    • Production time: within 15 working days
    • Shipping: DHL takes about a week

    So it takes about 25-30 days total.

    If you order a lot of signage, or are close to major holidays, such as China National Day, New Year’s Day, Christmas, and Spring Festival, it may increase.

  • Each of our quotations has fully taken into account the discounts we can offer. If you only produce 1 set of signs, basically there will be no discounts. Of course, if you order a lot of signs, a dozen sets, dozens of sets, or even hundreds of sets, these can significantly reduce the production cost. Anyway, if you have any question about the price, please contact our salesman, we will try our best to give you the best price.

  • You can always find a cheaper supplier, but there are usually some reasons for being cheap. We prefer that you consider the quality and service life of the signs. After all, if you have to replace a set of signs in a few months, even if you do not consider the production cost, the installation cost also would be a lot of money to point out. Anyway, if you have any question about the price, please contact our salesman, we will try our best to give you the best price.

  • We can produce almost all kinds of signs, but because we are a sign maker in China, you have to consider the shipping cost if you buy from us. For many cheap business signs, the production is very convenient, even if most costs in the United States will be higher than that in China, but once the expensive international shipping costs are considered, it is generally cheaper to buy locally in the United States. For such a signage case, we will recommend customers to buy locally. Of course, sourcing from China can be a good option if you’re ordering such a large quantity that international shipping isn’t the main cost, as many American advertising signage companies do.

  • Our signage products have the UL certification and fully meet the US standards, so there will be no difference in use. Specifically, some of the processes may be different, because different factories will have different equipment, and the process might also be different. In addition, the row material may be different, the biggest difference is the thickness of the material. We are a sign factory in China. In China, the unit of thickness is the metric unit, while the US uses the English unit. For example, the 1/2-inch thick material used in the signs made locally in the United States is not available here, and usually uses 10mm (0.39″) or 15mm(0.59″).

  • We usually use vector design files in ai, cdr, eps, svg formats, vector design drawing files in PDF format are also available. If your design drawing is made by AutoCAD, please provide the version of AutoCAD 2007.

  • Very sorry, we suggest you contact your local designer to design your logo from scratch. This design work requires a lot of communication work, and we are in China, the time difference and language differences will make the communication very difficult. We can advise you or help you modify your logo design so it can be produced.

  • We use PayPal to accept payment by default, but our quotation only includes production costs and shipping costs. PayPal will charge a transfer fee of 4.4%+usd$0.3, which will be borne by you.

    Since PayPal accepts credit card payments, you are free to pay with credit cards.

    We also accept TT.

  • Yes, we accept credit card payment. In fact, we use PayPal to accept payment by default, but our quotation only includes production costs and shipping costs. PayPal will charge a transfer fee of 4.4%+usd$0.3, which will be borne by you.

  • Yes, we use PayPal to accept your credit card payments. However, our quotation only includes production costs and shipping costs. PayPal will charge a transfer fee of 4.4%+usd$0.3, which will be borne by you.

  • Yes, your credit card information is very secure. In fact we use PayPal to accept your credit card payment, so you don’t need to tell us your credit card information at all.

  • If you haven’t sent out payment, you can cancel your order at any time and you won’t be asked to pay anything. If you have sent out payment, if we have started the work, including detailed design, production, etc., you will be required to pay the cost that has occurred, if you paid with PayPal fee, then the corresponding PayPal handling fee will also be borne by you.

  • Yes, we provide color matching service, it’s free. We use the Pantone color card for color matching by default, you only need to provide the Pantone value of the color, but generally speaking, the amount of paint required for the production of a set of signs is very small, which is not suitable for using a dedicated color matching machine. Therefore, in most cases we use manual color correction, which is only a simulation of Pantone colors, and we cannot guarantee an exact match.

  • We lovingly pack every order to ensure that your signs arrive in pristine condition. UPS assures us that their delivery personnel take every precaution to handle your package with care.

  • Unfortunately, DHL and UPS won’t deliver to a P.O. box, so we’ll need a physical street address.

  • Unless the installation of large signs will involve the use of professional engineering equipment, the installation of signs is not complicated in most cases. However, we still recommend that you hire a professional sign installer who can make your sign look better, stronger, and more safe, especially if your signs are illuminated signs.

  • We are very sorry, we are a sign factory in China and currently do not have any offices and branches in other countries and regions, so we cannot provide you with installation services. But we have partners all over the world, and if you can’t find the right installer, we can help you find one.

  • Usually the maintenance of the signage is very simple, just wipe off the dust with a soft cloth dipped in clean fresh water. Never use organic cleaners, especially if your signs are painted or electroplated. In addition, for illuminated signs, placing the AC transformer in an environment with good ventilation conditions can effectively improve the service life of the AC transformer.

  • For most LED lighted signs, it is possible to open the signs and renew the LED. However, we recommend that you find a local electrician to do it for you, as it will involve wiring and other work. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Every time I see our customers’ delighted faces when they see the signage on the front door of our beauty salon, it makes me so pleased. I myself often stand and stare at it for a while. Really very beautiful, it’s affordable and high quality, I highly recommend your service!

Audrey Farr

We appreciate the way the specialists of BusinessSign.Com dealt with our company. Professional and friendly, they helped us in choosing the most suitable style of dimensional signage for our dental clinic. No need to mention, the sign filled the negative spaces of our blank walls and turned the place into a dream place. Thank you very much!

Chaim Levine

Every time we need new signage for branding we turn to BusinessSign.Com. The product they provide is high-quality and durable. This time we wanted eye-catching solutions for boosting our brand. That’s why we went for the halo effect signs as they’re attractive and catch the attention of passers-by day and night.

Maddison M

Can't tell how impressed I am with their service. I didn't know what exactly I wanted for my company front. They suggested to me all the possible variants, explaining all the cons and pros and it was easy for me to choose a hanging storefront sign as it was visible from both sights. They are really professional and know how to deal with customers. Highly impressed. Thank you very much.


We’ll open our cafe in a month so we needed outdoor signage with our logo. We needed high exposure so Alex offered to go with a light box logo sign. The sign looks great and we already notice how it captures attention. Thank you!

Colin Malaker

We’ve worked with multiple sign-making companies and BusinessSign.Com is the best one so far. My company needed some custom office signs that turned out very good. They had a very professional approach from start to finish. They deliver quality work on time and it is a pleasure to work with. It is good to be able to rely on them! Looking forward to our next project.

David Donelson

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